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Communicating With Your First Baby

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As a first-time parent, you probably wonder when your baby’s cooing will develop into his or her first words. Other queries about communication will almost certainly arise as well. You need to be patient, though, since babies normally articulate their first words at 11 months and onwards. According to numerous printed materials bearing “my first baby” themes, it is around this time that the lips and tongue acquire the adroitness necessary to form speech. Plus, the brain also begins to match things up with their corresponding names.

Needless to say, the rate at which babies arrive at this milestone may vary. If you wish for your little one to get to this stage faster, you have to make an effort to help him (or her) do so. As a matter of fact, there are a number of things you can perform to foster baby talk.

How Do Babies Communicate?

The reality is that your little one is actually learning the ability to communicate day in and day out. Every time he or she cries, you normally make it a point to make him (or her) feel better. Your reaction and the manner in which you respond to your baby’s noise-making basically set the groundwork for language.

At the age of two months, your baby is already capable of responding to your cues. In addition, the singsong manner in which you talk keeps him/her engrossed and encourages interpretation of words and sentences. That’s why every time you speak to your little one, he or she stares back at you and makes cooing sounds in response. It is in this fashion that babies communicate with their parents.

By the time your little one turns six months old, he or she will typically begin to babble. At first, the sounds will only comprise of vowels. After that, his or her twaddle will then include consonants. Within months, your baby will attempt to mimic your words and other sounds.

How To Encourage Baby Talk

Match items up with names. - At mealtime, for instance, introduce him to eating utensils like the plate, spoon, fork, and the like.

Be childish. - Playing games like “peek-a-boo” actually reinforces listening, imitation and taking turns - all of which are prerequisites of carrying out a conversation.

Read together. - In the beginning, your baby will not understand the words you say. Nonetheless, reading to your little one will stimulate his or her senses and perhaps foster an enduring fondness for books.

Prattle back. - Each time your child babbles, utter something similar in reply. For instance, if he or she says “boo boo”, you may respond with something like “Hey, goo goo.” The fun things you can do with sounds actually make learning a lot more pleasurable. Just remember to pause briefly to let your little one babble back and get used to the pattern of a real conversation.

Sing. - Babies, by nature, have a fondness for music. Singing, therefore, is an excellent manner of introducing a wide array of sounds.

Your little one’s first word is, without a doubt, a thrilling milestone. Remember, though, that babies develop at different rates and, whether your child is an early or late talker, it rarely holds a bearing on his or her communication skills later in life. You may also find out more about the subject by reading the “language and communication” section of My First Baby books. Also, keep in mind that the more you converse with your baby, the more language he or she will learn.


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