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Joys And Angst Of Holding Your First Baby

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Parents the world over experience mixed feelings when it comes to holding their little bundles of joy for the very first time. Happiness, apprehension, excitement, and fear are just some of the emotions that one would feel while his or her arms are wrapped securely around a tiny and helpless human being. The plethora of My First Baby guide books, however, always say the same thing about the matter-that you should lighten up and simply enjoy the whole experience.

Following your nurturing instinct is definitely the most excellent way to go about it. Nonetheless, having a working knowledge and learning a few tips on how to hold your little one could also come in handy.

The Truth About Holding A Baby

Holding your baby is, in fact, one of the most delightful aspects of parenting. Many parents actually love the task. Needless to say, it certainly calls for some getting used to and confidence on the way you carry your baby is an integral part of adapting to this new task.

If you wish to prepare yourself for the arrival of your newborn, make an effort to read up on the subject and perhaps rehearsing with a tiny pillow can help boost your self-confidence. Pay a quick visit to the parenting section of your local bookshop or simply surf the Internet for some much-needed advice on caring for your first baby.

Tips On Holding A Baby

As a first-time parent, you need to be aware of the fact that certain situations may call for different ways of holding your baby. Here are some useful techniques on how to hold your little one.

Cradle Hold - This technique is probably the simplest and most natural way of carrying a baby. Basically, you have to position your baby’s head on the crook of your dominant arm. After that, wrap the other one around his or her body or simply use it as support. This is an excellent position if you wish to just watch or talk to your little one. Many babies also sleep better when held this way.

Belly Hold - Just lay your baby chest-down on top of your forearm and, using your other arm, secure him/her by placing it across his/her back. As an alternative, you may also position the baby transversely on your lap. Gassy babies will surely benefit a lot from being held in this manner.

Hip Hold - You may utilize this technique as soon as the baby develops a certain amount of neck and head control. Simply place the baby, facing outward, on a seated position on either your left or right hip. Using your same side arm, secure your baby by wrapping it around his/her waist. This does not only provide you with a free arm, it’s also a terrific way for the baby to perceive the world around him/her.

Shoulder Hold - Lean the baby against one of your shoulders while providing necessary prop using your same side arm. Be sure to wrap your supporting arm around the baby’s buttocks. Using your free arm, secure the baby’s neck and back. Babies normally snooze well in this position.

So there you have it, your “holding my first baby” essentials. Although, the task may appear to be daunting at first, you shouldn’t be afraid of trying it out. Just keep in mind that the joys of holding your baby definitely overwhelm the angst.


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