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Mothers Re-entering The Workforce

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You’ve spent the last few years changing diapers, washing little hands, and running yourself ragged being a stay-at-home mom. But soon all that will be changing. Your little tyke is going off to school for the first time, or maybe you finally have that empty nest. You are now ready and willing to get back into the market, and you, of all people, deserve a great job.

Most mothers reentering the workforce believe that finding a job after being away for so long is extremely difficult, but that’s simply not true any more. More and more employers are recognizing that returning mothers have highly developed and exceptional skills relating to their ability to organize and multitask—and that in these areas returning mothers actually exceed the skill levels of other applicants! So the key here is to learn the art of effectively showing employers how suitable you are by, firstly, doing some research into their requirements and, secondly, packaging yourself in an effective and confident manner that provides the employer with specific solutions to his unique needs.

A Flexible Approach: As far as flexible schedules are concerned, never has the job environment been more conducive to families. Companies are beginning to understand more and more the needs of the family unit. Flexibility on your part is also needed regarding what type of job you are looking for. You can either zoom in straight for a permanent full-time job or decide to increase your options by considering short-term work. It all depends on your personal obligations and the trends within your industry. Whatever you decide, we highly recommended that you do not put all your eggs in one basket by focusing on just one option. Getting your foot in the door of the job market often requires staggering your re-entry by first taking on a short-term or part-time role that will enable you to make a smoother transition to a more permanent job at a later stage.

Discrimination or Lack of Preparation: The bottom line is that being a mother is not an excuse for not getting your ideal job (so long as your job goal is realistic). In the job market there is always a mixture of mothers who are achieving their job goals and mothers who are not achieving their job goals. It is how well you prepare yourself that makes all the difference. So the question is: how ready are you to skillfully approach the job market in order to achieve your job goal? The women who seem to get jobs effortlessly are those who have mastered the skills required to give them a competitive edge over their fellow job seeking mothers.

Be Prepared for Success: Over all, everything you do must be geared towards meeting your industry’s requirements as well as the job market’s requirements as a whole. It is therefore paramount that you do your research and get yourself up to speed with current trends, terminologies and advancements within your industry. To do this you will need to be competent at required job market activities, so start off by evaluating how good you are at carrying out these activities to the required standard. Begin by taking the time now to take this FREE Job Market Performance Assessment.


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